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Registered Painter

Become a Registered Painter and Decorator in Western Australia

Are you considering operating a painting and decorating business in Western Australia? WA law mandates that any painting contractor invoicing ...
Qualified Painter

Become a Trade Qualified Painter and Decorator and Earn up to 80k as a Starting Wage

There has never been a better time than 2024 to begin your career in the painting and decorating industry in ...

What is the difference between a Painting Apprenticeship and an Internship?

Are you considering a career in painting and wondering whether to pursue a painting apprenticeship or an internship? Understanding the ...

7 key benefits of doing an apprenticeship

If you're considering a career in painting and decorating, a painting apprenticeship is an excellent way to get started. Not ...
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How to become a Professional Painter?

If you're looking for a career that combines practical skills and creativity, a painting career might be right for you.  ...