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Become a Trade Qualified Painter and Decorator and Earn up to 80k as a Starting Wage

Qualified Painter

There has never been a better time than 2024 to begin your career in the painting and decorating industry in Western Australia. As part of the WA Recovery Plan, apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships are now available at half-price, making it an ideal opportunity to embark on a fantastic career path. Not only are the fees affordable, but upon completing your apprenticeship, you will have a trade qualification recognised across Australia and can start earning around $80k as a starting wage.


MPA Skills is the leading trainer and employer of painting apprentices in Western Australia, with 30 years of experience in the industry. Our training programs cater to all levels, from school-based pre-apprenticeships to full-time pre-apprenticeships for school leavers and career changers. We also offer advanced training courses for tradesmen looking to upskill.


We offer two pathways to enter this trade, which are the school-based pre-apprenticeship for students in Years 11 and 12 and full-time pre-apprenticeship for school leavers and mature-aged career changers. Both programs lead to a Certificate II in Building and Construction, with the main difference being their duration. The school-based pre-apprenticeship runs for a year or three school terms, while our full-time pre-apprenticeship is completed in just 11 weeks. One significant advantage of a painting pre-apprenticeship is the transferability of many units to other construction trades, making it an excellent qualification to have to those considering a career in construction.


One of the frequently asked questions regarding this program is whether a pre-apprenticeship is the only way to enter the painting industry. This is not the case; one can also begin by enrolling in MPA Skills’ Stage One program. However, we recommend starting with our pre-apprenticeship, as it provides a comprehensive insight into the construction industry and equips you with the fundamental knowledge required before committing to a trade. If you have already gained work experience with a painting company and are certain about pursuing this trade, you might consider starting directly with Stage One.


MPA Skills stands out as a leader in apprentice training and employment in WA. The multiple awards won by our trainers and apprentices are a testament to the high-quality training we provide. Our head painting trainer, Stephen Delaney, was named the WA Trainer of the Year in 2022 by the WA Training Awards. Additionally, two of our painting apprentices achieved national recognition at the 2023 WorldSkills competition, securing both the winner and runner-up titles. Antoinette Jackson, the runner-up from the national competition, will proudly represent Australia at the WorldSkills competition in Lyon, France, in 2024.


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