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Skilled Migration Recruitment Campaign

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MPA Skills is acutely aware of the current skill shortages being felt across the plumbing and painting industries and is looking at strategies to assist our hosts.
Although we are pouring every resource into finding the next generation of pre-apprentices and apprentices, this will take time to flow through into the workforce.
One of the strategies being considered is to conduct a recruitment program for skilled employees from overseas using the skilled migration pathway. Whilst it is recognised that this pathway comes with some issues, such as costs, it is a very effective way to fill positions with qualified people.
MPA Skills is coordinating a campaign for early 2023, along with the Electrical and Communications Association, the Pharmacy Guild of WA, and our migration partner Perdaman Group, to undertake a skilled migration recruitment campaign in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The intention is to pre-qualify and select a pool of potential candidates that can then be interviewed by our hosts to fill vacant positions here in WA. Interviews would be conducted via Zoom or Teams.
This campaign will take actual job vacancies identified by host businesses and advertise these in the media across the UK and Ireland. MPA Skills will then hold recruitment events in London, Birmingham, and Dublin, interviewing potential skilled migrants and shortlisting candidates that may be suitable for a final interview round by hosts. Your business will ultimately make the final decision on whether you will offer a place or not. The role of MPA Skills is to provide hosts with a pool of pre-qualified candidates to consider.
To participate in this campaign, we are seeking expressions of interest from plumbing and painting companies who want to use the skilled migration program to fill existing vacancies.
You will need to do the following:
* Have actual positions that can be advertised and interviewed for.
Pay a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 to assist in meeting the costs of the campaign.
* Understand that the cost to recruit a skilled migrant will be upwards of $20,000 (indicative only).
* Agree to use the services of the MPA Skills skilled migration partner, Perdaman Group.
*Understand that this campaign cannot guarantee filling vacancies, but MPA Skills will use every avenue available to achieve a successful outcome for hosts.
MPA Skills is limited to 50 places for this campaign and hosts are urged to respond quickly if they are interested in participating in this program.
Email to register your interest.
Expressions of interest will close at 5pm on the 14th of November 2022.

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