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Introducing our newest painting pre-apprentice group!

L-R Sophie Di Donato, Anthony Atlas, Tiana Chapman, Kloemeesha Riley, Peter McArthur, Ella Rashleigh, John Reid and Karl Lawrence.
They began 4 weeks ago, at MPA Skills training campus at Maylands, going through all the basics of painting. They have covered subjects including safety, communication, the use of tools and equipment and working at heights. The pre-apps are now undergoing two weeks of work experience. We work closely with our MPA Skills Apprentice Employment division to place them out strategically, taking into account their skills, personality, age, location, mobility, etc. This will give them the best possible chance of having a positive experience. After two weeks of work experience, the pre-apps are coming back to Maylands. We consider all feedback from the host employers and continue to refine and customise their training, completing more units. They do further work experience towards the end of the course. They ultimate goal is to complete the pre-app and get as many students into painting and decorating apprenticeships as possible. Then we can continue to train them in the future to become the next brilliant generation of Painters and Decorators in Western Australia!

With the half price training fees for apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship currently on as part of the McGowan Government’s WA Recovery Plan and the Lower Fees, Local Skills initiative, there is no better time to start a career in painting and decorating at the start of 2021! What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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